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Want to get involved with our campaign? / ¿Quieres involucrarte en nuestra campaña?

We have a very good chance of making our schools police free in 2021 but it will take all of us to be organized together!

Tenemos una muy buena oportunidad de hacer que nuestras escuelas sean libres en 2021, ¡pero nos llevará a todos organizarnos juntos!

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Below are some resources, including talking points.  In the middle of a pandemic, the PSD should be finding ways to save money, not waste money on police when there are no students in school. We invite you to speak out and let your voices be heard:

  • Email the school board, let them know how you feel 
  • Join Public Comment next week at the BOE
  • Send us your thoughts and ideas to further the reach of your voice

Resources/ Recursos

BOE Talking Points (updated September 17, 2020) /Puntos de Conversación (17 de Sept, 2020)

Divesting From SRO’s 2020 Board Packet / Recomendación y puntos de convercasion

School Justice PSD Facebook Page/ Justicia Escholar PSD Facebook

Video: La Cocina Charla

Video: Fort Collins Speaks Out Against Police in Schools

Meet our Youth Organizer / Conocer a nuestro organizador juvenil

Israel Herrera Santos AKA Izzy

Izzy is a kindhearted human who does not shy away from involving himself within the community. Being a Colorado native, his journey through the Poudre School District took him through Putnam Elementary, Lesher Middle School, and Poudre High school. During his years in PSD, Izzy became involved with summer programs and helped young students stay active while out of school. In his high school years, Izzy became involved with programs such as PHS Ambassador. With the help of this program, Izzy would go on to present and educate on heavy topics such as bullying, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. Thanks to programs that were offered to him and his family as a low-income student, he was able to gain the resources he would need to solidify his start in the fight for racial and social justice. As a PSD graduate, he began to teach for the school district and on his own account. He now helps the community by offering free movement classes as well as helping organize movements that will ultimately serve to bring smiles and happiness to the community. Izzy is not one to like sitting still; so next time you see him, ask him to do a flip. Or something crazy like that.