Welcome to FCCAN’s website!

FCCAN’s mission is to create community based on furthering economic, social, and environmental justice, sustainability, human rights, and peace for all by building coalitions, developing strategies and actions, and supporting existing progressive organizations.

We’re Working for Our Community!

Fort Collins Sustainability Group brought together a coalition of organizations served by the Platte River Power Authority to successfully update their policy calling for 100% renewable electricity by 2030. 

 FCSG initiated and worked with a regional coalition, NCP4CE to get 100% carbon-free electricity city resolution passed. 

FCSG successfully lobbied for the Income Qualified Assistance Program (IQAP) – provides substantial utility bill relief to customers of Fort Collins Utilities earning up to 165% of the Federal Poverty level. IQAP provides billing relief through a combination of energy and water efficiency assistance and utility rate reductions.  This went into effect in October 2018. 

Fort Collins Homeless Coalition (FCHC) is researching and pushing to get The City to open more bathrooms year-round and install year-round water fountains.

The Fort Collins Homeless Coalition worked tirelessly to gut the proposed Sit-Lie ban ordinance in March 2017. They pressured the city to removing any of the references to sitting or lying on sidewalks or benches.

FCHC is working extensively on the statewide Right to Rest Act, surveying people who are currently homeless to gather data, working on bill language, messaging, lobbying. Members of the Fort Collins Homeless Coalition travel to Denver to testify in favor of the bill.

Fuerza Latina is educating immigrants and allies with  know your rights trainings, legal clinics with free consultation, and emergency preparedness packets. These packets are used by families in the case that a member gets picked up by immigration.

Fuerza Latina is moving forward with the City to create more community trust in regards to to protecting immigrants from police harassment.

Sunday bus service is now a reality because of the efforts of BB/PTAG, Fort Collins Sustainability Group, Fort Collins Homeless Coalition, FCCAN, and the broad coalition of groups that we brought together in the Sunday Service Now Coalition.