Healing Justice

“Our movements themselves have to be healing, or there’s no point to them”
—Cara Page, Kindred: Southern Healing Justice Collective

What is Healing Justice?

Healing Justice is a program of the Fort Collins Community Action Network, that started in Fall 2018. The program was created by a group of young women of color who attended Angel Kyodo Williams and Reverend Llama Rod Owens Living Radical Dharma retreat together and returned back to the community with a shared sense of responsibility to create a program that would address the artificial divisions between our activist and spiritual spaces. For more background information, read here.

Many of us hunger for a community to support the integration of self care, inner work, collective care, real commitment to challenging injustice, and powerful action, but just haven’t found our people yet. We need a place to gather together to practice embodiment through movement and meditation. We are searching for dialogue that builds trust, leads us to gain insight together, and to strengthen the capacity for resilience in ourselves. Healing Justice is honoring and nurturing our collective capacities to heal ourselves- while supporting activists in our community through resource sharing and education.

Together we are practicing how to bridge our spiritual community and activist community in FCCAN- we are seeding Healing Justice, a monthly intergenerational ceremony which nourishes the body through movement based spiritual practices, cultivates a renewed sense of awe, joy, healing and connectedness for a community of dreamers, organizers, creatives, community members, and their chosen families. Healing justice has blossomed out of the truth that living systems and structures are learning and changing. In this moment of history, healing justice is a call to engage and learn from small experiments that center radical dharma, nourish critical connections with food justice, decolonize our yoga spaces and build grassroots movements in Fort Collins.