Guiding Values

Illustration of Northern Colorado native plant relatives surrounding FCCAN’s organizational values.
Plants depicted (clockwise from top center): pinto beans; ponderosa pine; bearberry; white sage; bitterroot; yucca; cactus; squash and pumpkins; corn; aloe; cedar; dandelions; wild onion. Art by Cristyn Hypner.

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Accountability is both how we ethically act toward one another within as well as outside the organization by recognizing our inherent right to be in process and to lovingly hold each other that allows for our mutual growth and transformation.


Responsive to important differences in community needs, we accommodate as best we can as we work alongside our community while holding our goals and vision.


Our coalitional structure, based on the ancestral wisdom of cooperation, emphasizes interconnectedness that guides our work and builds our collective power in the face of isolation, ruthless competition, and divide and conquer tactics.


We identify solutions to the obstacles we encounter to best meet the needs of our community by encouraging new ways of thinking and being as we work through problems together.


We take responsibility for our impact and choose to become the best versions of ourselves, to heal, and to be in healing relationships with others by doing whatever we can, however small or large, to shift dominant culture and transform unjust conditions.


We celebrate and express joy as a beautiful, irresistible, and undeniable part of the work we hope to accomplish in and with our community. Joy empowers us to be fully human and to feel pleasure, gratitude, and connection with life as we work to dismantle oppression.


A foundational motive behind all the work that we do, we seek restoration, reparation, and restitution because we see, feel, hear, and experience the injustices of society. Justice actively pursues the dismantling of oppressive systems and centers the integrity, health, and sacredness of all life.


The most powerful expression of our shared humanity, love opens possibilities for all that we are and how we can be together. Our love for others, for all people, provides the motivation for the justice we seek and the work we do.


As we work towards equity and social justice, we garner strength from our setbacks because they help us learn. Despite these inevitable challenges, we continue to work toward our goals and acknowledge that embracing our failures moves us forward in our vision. We seek to repair and restore quickly with a focus on balancing individual member needs with our collective purpose.


We are responsible for stewarding the resources entrusted to us, including the land we occupy and the financial resources that support equity and social justice in our community. We value the health of our community and building relationships among humans and the more than human world in our entire ecosystems.