Womb Wisdom

Published - 28 June 2022

Since the news broke on Friday that Roe vs. Wade has been overturned, we’ve found ourselves sharing resources and seeking wisdom to help us alchemize our rage into action.

During an era when our bodily autonomy is under increasing threat, doulas — for birth, for death, for abortion, and more — are essential to supporting our collective capacity to meet change.

Through situating the work of abortion doulas within a long history of communities innovating systems of care, we hope to reaffirm the link between abortion access and diverse movements for liberation.

Our ancestors taught us that reclaiming the body from patriarchy is a sensual act. Transmuting our pain into political change asks us to show up as our sensual selves; to take to the streets, converse with friends, protest in public spaces, work toward policy gains. In the midst of so much pain, coming back into our bodies—back into our senses—will help us stay awake to reality. We are in a moment of immense precarity and possibility. How will we show up?

We are situated between and amongst cycles of birth and death, and we’re living through the trauma that comes with existing in an intense cultural climate of fear and hatred of the power of our wombs.

Healing Justice is about centering the wisdom of our bodies, which means for those of us with wombs, centering the wisdom of our wombs, our minds, and our hearts. Reverence for the womb - be it mine, yours or those you know who carry them - offers guidance toward a renewed way of conceiving reality.