Questioning Capitalism is Patriotic

Published - 3 February 2019

This post was inspired b a panel  discussion of
activists put together by Colorado State University Journalism Instructor Elissa Tivona in January 2019 and the recent closing of the Coloradoan’s Opinion Section.

By: Paul Gessler

The founders of our nation held opposing voices sacred by investing heavily in a free press to insure that freedom would prevail over any tyranny.

Advocating our future leaders to not question capitalism is the ultimate act of cowardice and denial.  Proof that Bob Schaefer’s column in the Coloradoan was as inappropriate as a hedge fund owning a newspaper.

If capitalism is so sweet and omniscient, we would have Warren Buffet, Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein as President and not Donald Trump.  We would have weaned our nation and probably the world off of fossil fuels back in the 20th century.  We would have recognized that Vietnam was a war that didn’t need to be waged.  The Vietnamese had already won independence from the French in 1954. If capitalism and free markets are so wonderful, We would have had no continuation of a cold war.  Russia would be well on its way to being our ally and partner in space exploration; no Iraq war; no war on terror because they would all be recognized as the illegal wars they were. Capitalism had to help itself build a rogue military force in the deceptive way it wages war. Un-regulated capitalism in the form of corporate control is a failed business plan.

We can be as easily united as we are presently divided. Everyone can be on equal footing.  It’s up to leaders to get us together and start talking and have that conversation be the real news.  

Would it not be poetic justice for the Coloradoan to open up it’s meeting room for all those with opinions so we can actually hash them out and probably find a path forward?  Could not the City use the monies it gets from the Pentagon to promote its illegal wars to pay for the rental space at the Coloradoan room?

The first question comes from our Choice City Manager:  Why can’t we be nice to each other?

I have my opinion.  Who takes the first step?

Paul is a local Fort Collins activist involved with Partners For Peace, Veterans For Peace,Trees, Water and People.  Native American Reconciliation, FCCAN, and Environmental Sustainability.