Pandemic + Poverty

Published - 23 September 2022

Winter is Coming…Where Do We Go?

Fort Collins is facing a global pandemic, and local decisions have left many in our community hungry, stressed, and without shelter. The horrendous failures of our federal & state governments are leading to a massive wave of new evictions, homelessness, and increased need for emergency aid. Fort Collins needs a plan that includes homeless, marginalized, and incarcerated people, and we need universal housing for all.

We, the Fort Collins Homeless Coalition (FCHC), believe:

Winter is coming, and Fort Collins is failing its most vulnerable community members. Closing the Aztlan shelter knowing that hundreds of people would no longer have any option to spend days or nights indoors was unconscionable, as was shutting down the encampment in Heritage Park in defiance of CDC guidelines for public health.

Press releases and materials

What if You Can’t Stay Home?on March 13, 2020, FCHC issued a set of emergency preparedness recommendations to our City, County, and State governments.

Community Leaders Must Act to Provide Housing For All, op-ed piece from FCHC member Lynn Thompson in The Coloradoan, March 30, 2020.

Legal Action Filed For Immediate Housing to Help Fight Covid-19

For immediate release, April 27, 2020 — FCHC statement opposing the shut-down of the Heritage Park Encampment

For immediate release, June 13, 2020 — FCHC statement opposing the closure of the NACC emergency Covid shelter.