No War with Iran: Contact our representatives

Published - 6 January 2020

Photos from Saturday’s protest in old town Fort Collins

Thanks to all of you who attended the protest on Saturday.  It is critical that we follow up by contacting our representatives to make it clear that their constituents do not support war with Iran, and to urge diplomacy and de-escalation and that they reclaim their Congressional authority in matters of war and peace.

The letter below can be sent to Rep. Neguse and Senators Bennet and Gardner.

We will be following the leadership of national peace and activist organizations to plan additional protests.  If you wish to join in the planning, please contact Partners for Peace.

 Contact Joe Neguse

Contact Michael Bennet

Contact Cory Gardner

 Dear Representative/Senator:

I believe that the assassination of Quassim Suleimani last week was a reckless act that can easily lead to another war in the Middle East.  Such a war would cause immense human suffering, environmental damage, and the waste of resources that should be used to address pressing social and environmental problems at home and abroad. 

I attended a rally on Oak Street Plaza in Fort Collins on the afternoon of Saturday, January 4th to call for opposing any further military action against Iran.  Approximately 100 other people were there with me.  I know that similar rallies took place in Boulder, Denver, and in 80 cities nationwide. You took an oath of office to uphold the Constitution. 

As a constituent and a voter, I am writing to remind you that your greater allegiance isn’t to support a corrupt President with no coherent foreign strategy other than to sow chaos. Today Senator Tim Kaine has introduced a privileged resolution in the Senate, and Representatives Barbara Lee and Ilhan Omar have introduced it in the House, to force a vote on ending U.S. war on Iran.  As your constituent, I urge your full support of this resolution.I ask that you work with your colleagues to reclaim Congress’ constitutional authority over war powers, demand diplomacy and de-escalation in foreign policy, withhold authorization for any and all reckless and provocative abuses of military power, and bring an end to nearly two decades of continual, senseless war in the Middle East.