Published - 4 February 2020

Why Red Dresses?

The red dresses on this window are just the beginning of a campaign to build awareness led by both local Native & non-Native community organizers in Fort Collins. 

There is an epidemic in the Indigneous communities in North and South America that sparked a movement called Missing and Murdered Indigeneous Women and Girls or #MMIWG.  

This campaign is for the silenced indigenous voices of our sisters and in support of the #MMIWG. Thousands of Indigenous women go missing every year. However, we still do not know how many Native women are missing.

It’s time for the silence to end. It’s on us to end the violence. 

This is a call to action for all of us to educate ourselves and call for gov’t agencies and our community to do better. There is a complete lack of data and available information to this in so called Colorado, and no legislation has been passed that mandates that law enforcement or state agencies address this epidemic. Without awareness and meaningful information or analysis we can’t address MMIWG in Colorado.

If we are going to affect change, we need to listen to our Native community and work together to stop the violence against Native women and girls. 

We are here to shine light on this crisis of MMIWG and two spirit and non-binary community members.

If want to learn more check out some of the following resources:

~ Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls Report by [Urban Indian Health Institute

~ Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women

Tribal Community Response When a Woman is Missing

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