May Day 2020: Take Action

Published - 30 April 2020

As Amazon, Walmart and others profit amid Coronavirus crisis, their essential workers are planning an unprecedented strike. Get ready for May Day.

Essential workers risk their lives and their families’ lives every day — they deserve appropriate safety equipment, standards, and job guarantees. On May 1, International Workers Day, we’re taking action with essential workers everywhere:

SOLIDARITY: The working class keeps us alive. As consumers, we are not separate from the problem. Do your part by joining the action on May 1 from wherever you are, joining us as we organize around these global demands for justice during the pandemic.

BOYCOTT: The way to really leverage your privilege is through your consumer power. Show your support by boycotting/unsubscribing to Amazon, Instacart, Whole Foods, Walmart, Target, and FedEx.

SUPPORT: Essential workers are showing up for all of us. Here’s how to help the essential workers in your life avoid burnout.