Current Colorado legislation that impacts immigrants- contact your rep today!

Published - 2 March 2020

Calling all voices to consider how you may be able to make a difference in immigration policy! Below are three important bills being considered right now in the Colorado state legislator.

Contact your representative to declare your support for these bills!  You can find more information about where the bills are right now in the links!

Representatives: Senate District 14 Senator Joann Ginal Phone: 303-866-4841 Email:

House District 53 Representative Jeni Arndt Phone: 303-866-2917 Email:

House District 52 Representative Cathy Kipp Phone: 303-866-4569 Email:

Bills to support:

[SB20-083 “Prohibit Courthouse Civil Arrest” “Prohibir el Arresto Civil en el Juzgado”]( -Passed Judiciary Committee and passed Senate Floor (Senate Floor Votes), 1st reading in House & now onto Judiciary Committee of House.
[SB20-108 “Landlord Prohibitions Tenant Citizenship Status” “Prohibiciones del Proprietario Sobre el Estatus de Ciudadanía del Inquilino”]( -Passed Committee of the Whole and passed Senate Floor (Senate Floor Votes), Wednesday March 18th hearing in House Business Affairs & Labor Committee Aprobó el Comité Plenario y aprobó el Senado (Votos del Senado), audiencia del Miércoles 18 de Marzo en el Comité de Asuntos Comerciales y Trabajo de la Cámara de Representantes
[HB20-1081 “Multilingual Ballot Access” “Aceso Multilingue a Votación”]( bill requires the secretary of state (secretary) and county clerk and recorders (county clerk) of certain counties to provide multilingual ballot access.