COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Undocumented Immigrants in Fort Collins

Published - 7 April 2020

If you, or someone you know would like to apply for this fund please call Fuerza Latina’s hotline at 970-472-1501.

Donate to the emergency fund for undocumented immigrants in Fort Collins here!

Fuerza Latina recognizes that the nation-state does not provide a safety net for so many people, and that the United States government’s response to COVID-19 has only deepened pre-existing hierarchies that make people vulnerable to premature death. We hope for a world in which universal basic income, universal health care, and other functioning social systems exist. We know that what we are doing is an imperfect solution to a very large problem, but we are trying anyway.

We have partnered with other community organizations such as ISAAC of Northern Colorado and other faith groups to raise and distribute emergency funds for undocumented immigrants in Larimer County. This Emergency Immigration Fund, is the only existing fund in Larimer County that has a precise mandate to support immigrants in our community who are experiencing a crisis and who do not qualify for other forms of relief.