Action Items For the Start of Autumn

Published - 25 September 2019

We recently had our healing justice workshop at The Growing Project Farm, and enjoyed celebrating the Autumn Equinox with the community. From those gatherings we’ve complied a simple but soothing balm that is the following list of recommended ways to spend the start of the newest season… have anymore suggestions, feedback or ideas? Send them our way.

If you are white talk compassionately with family and friends about whiteness and racism. Be compassionate to heal ancestral cycles of trauma and abuse.

Invest in loving, reciprocal relationships, let go of toxic ones.

Balance your drive for activism with taking care of your internal world: we can’t heal or change anything without healing and helping ourselves at the same time - it’s a never ending dynamic process but they must happen simultaneously otherwise nothing will get done.

Reject white supremacy culture as you’re working to expose it and heal from it. Try not to recreate it as you work.

When anxiety overwhelms you about the terrifying state of the world look to the groups and people who are still fighting, still loving, still going, still living, still exuding life and vitality.

Always remember that you are not alone. We got this and we can build the world we want to see. We are in this together. We are here for each other. When you feel alone remember this. And remember and take seriously the action items in the photo. Repeat what works, release what doesn’t.