Action Alert: Contact your representative today about NAFTA 2.0

Published - 5 November 2019

We are now entering an important stage in the Trump Administration’s rewrite of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Corporations are lobbying heavily to pass the renegotiated agreement as is. Without big changes, NAFTA 2.0 will continue to harm American
workers and the environment while increasing the cost of healthcare and life-saving drugs. The Agreement can come up before Congress at any time and without much warning. .

Contact your representative today regarding the Trump Administration’s NAFTA 2.0, so they know we are watching and that we expect them to support Coloradans not a handful of multinational corporations waiting to profit from another bad trade deal

Below is a sample script you can simply make a few easy edits and copy/paste to send.


Congressman Joe Neguse—Email or call Fort Collins office (970) 372-3971

**Introduce yourself. Say where you are from and why you are calling/writing:
** List one or more reasons why you want changes made to the original NAFTA
 American jobs are outsourced to Mexico where wages are low and labor rights are lacking.
 Americans are forced to accept lower wages as employers threaten to outsource jobs to Mexico.
 Non-enforcement of environmental protections damages the environment and harms public health while making it cheaper and easier to outsource American jobs.
 Private trade rule enforcement tribunals prioritize corporate profits over workers and the environment. Countries are forced to either repeal labor and environmental protections nor “compensate” foreign corporations at taxpayer expense.

Tell your Congressperson what provisions you want to see in NAFTA before it comes to a vote in Congress. List one or more items you feel most important:
 Swift and effective enforcement of protections for Mexican workers, allowing them to form independent labor unions, bargain for higher wages and improve working conditions. This will help narrow the wage gap between American and Mexican workers.
 Swift and effective enforcement of laws protecting the environment and public health.
This will help reduce incentives to outsource American jobs to avoid more rigorous protections in the US.
 Elimination of monopoly patent protections for Big Pharma inserted into the revised NAFTA that will permanently raise drug prices, prevent competition from affordable generic medications and deny millions of Americans life-saving drugs and medical treatments.

 Retain the ban on the original NAFTA’s undemocratic private trade tribunals that allow corporations to sue countries and demand millions in “compensation” from taxpayers in order to repeal labor, environmental and public health protections.

Request a response to your message and indicate you will be looking forward to your congress member’s support for a fair trade deal that prioritizes American jobs, a healthy environment and robust public health including access to affordable medical treatment.