Barrier Busters, Public Transit Action Group

About Us

Barrier Busters, Public Transit Action Group (BB/PTAG) was founded in 2001 when a group of low income, disabled community members in Fort Collins came together to advocate for better access to public transportation in Fort Collins and disability justice. Since then, BB/PTAG has been dedicated to bringing effective and sustainable public transit to Fort Collins while fighting for the dignity and rights of disabled people.

 BB-PTAG outreach

BB-PTAG outreach

Nothing About us, without us@

Nothing About us, without us@

Disability Justice

Building an accessible community

There is so much people can do when it comes to accessibility in our community! For some of you, this may be the beginning of thinking more intentionally and expansively about accessibility, while for others this is a call to action to fight for dignity and justice in our community.

No matter what community you are a part of or are working with, there are disabled people who are part of it. Disabled people are everywhere and you probably know more disabled people than you think you do. Valuing disabled expertise, whether in your personal or work life is key to building an accessible world.

“Accessibility” is not only limited to ramps or captions or braille or scent-free spaces. Accessibility also goes beyond just disability, though BB/PTAG highlights and fights for specifically disability accessibility, amongst the coalitions in FCCAN.

We recognize that there are many disabled people who are also queer, trans and nonbinary, indigenous, black, people of color, poor and working class, parents, immigrants and more.

We work to expand our understanding of what “access” means and think about how we can create spaces–and a world–where all kinds of accessibility are centered and valued.

Accessibility can also include the following:

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