The Writers Group is a committee of Strength Through Peace.  Members work together to generate ideas for letters to the editor and opinion pieces, and to support one another's writing efforts by offering constructive criticism. There is no agenda or set writing schedule.  Here is how it works: people submit their writings for input from the committee, or they respond to a "Writing Challenge" that has been presented to the committee.  Anyone is welcome to present a "Writing Challenge" - either a topic or an unedited piece that needs an author or an editor.  Members are encouraged to work on topics of their own choosing, and to provide feedback on other peoplešs work.

 This committee provides a great way to get the benefit of others' knowledge and ideas as well as perspective on how others perceive what committee members have written.  Committee members exchange ideas via email.  We also meet in person on the fourth Friday of every month at 6:00 pm in the basement of Mugs Coffee Lounge on 251 South College, the NW corner of College and Olive. For those in need of an elevator, there is one through the Armstrong Hotel, to the north of Mugs These meetings are subject to cancellation and are not mandatory! If you are interested in participating or learning more about this committee, please contact Kevin Cross.

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