Strength Through Peace is a community of concerned people in Northern Colorado with a shared belief that social, political and economic justice are essentials of peace and are the best defense against terrorism and war.
We further believe that adherence to international law is of supreme importance when nations are confronted by violence from without. Our purpose is to influence the basic character and policies of the United States to pursue these ideals through popular education, advocacy, and direct action.

Our purpose is expressed specifically in efforts:

1) To organize people who share our beliefs into a common and influential public voice;
2) To educate the local populace at all levels regarding local, national and global issues of peace and justice;
3) To advocate for the protection and empowerment of the disenfranchised of the earth;
4) To connect in compassionate community, locally and across borders, all those who seek peace, justice, and a voice for this cry of their hearts;
5) To support each other with strength, courage, laughter, and the material and spiritual resources required for the accomplishments of our tasks.