Salon duc Tape meets the second and fourth Friday of each month at 7:00.  For the topic this week, click here.

There are speakers, videos on occasion, but always discussion (click here for past topics). STP has acknowledged our general need for conversation and that it is the lubricant for connection and community. Salon duc Tape was created as an opportunity to bring people together to express their opinions and feel sincerely understood.

Salons are enjoying a renaissance. Formerly associated with an assemblage of persons with intellectual and social distinction in an elegant drawing room, salons are decidedly a more democratic gathering these days--often in coffee houses, at fair grounds, on backyard decks, and in folks' living rooms. People are talking more than ever, and it's a worried talk. In America people feel as if nobody in power is listening. Jim Hightower, the Texas progressive, set the tone by announcing "the corporations think they are the top dogs in America and all the rest of us are fire hydrants. Well, as you can see today, the fire hydrants are rising up."

The simplicity of a salon is appealing. The promise that starting a conversation can create social change is equally compelling. We want people to feel less isolated, more supported, and more aware. Salon duc Tape has the potential to increase hope, passion, and understanding about "where to go from here."

"Conversation and duct tape are essential to civilization. They both hold things together and they're inexpensive."--Strength Through Peace

** For more information contact Kevin Cross **