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Photo from a Tai Chi class offered for local women of color in Fort Collins, Colorado in Spring 2019

We are currently collaborating with partners in the community to strengthen the environmental justice, food justice and healing practices led by WOC that are already happening- so we can build a sustainable program that will best serve our community together. 

QTBIPOC Meditation Space

“Without community, there is no liberation”-Audre Lorde

Every 2nd Sunday of the Month QTPOC Meditation, 6:30-7:15PM MTN (Free/by-donation)

Upcoming Dates: Sunday December 13th

Meditation for Queer and Trans People of Color is a group meditation every second Sunday of the month led by and for queer and trans people of color. This group is for queer, transgender, intersex and non-binary people of color only space in which to find stillness, solitude, and community during a time when our lives (and particularly the lives of Black and indigenous people) are more overtly in the crosshairs of violence from multiple fronts. The meditation practice will incorporate space for people to share their struggles and their strategies for self-care and community care, and will facilitate relationship building among people seeking to define “healing” and “wellness” in a context in which true safety is not attainable. The circle will use a politic of radical love as a guiding force, and incorporate spiritual teachings from Buddhism, other religious traditions, and QTBIPOC artivists both living and dead.

Register via zoom here.

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