Northern Colorado Stands Together-First Meetup

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Date and Time: 

Friday, November 18, 2016 - 5:00pm


Fort Collins Mennonite Fellowship--300 East Oak

Northern Colorado Stands Together-November 18th


First meet-up! We are so excited for our first IN-PERSON, FACE-TO-FACE meeting!

Mennonite Church, 300 East Oak

Friday, November 18, 5pm

Please bring any knowledge, experience, or materials you might have about different organizations or community resources. Bring your thoughtful and critical minds, your willingness to work together. Bring your friend. Bring your neighbor. Bring your laughter and your grief. We insist on being human together. This is our collective work.

----> Northern Colorado Standing Together (NoCoST) works to build (face-to-face) community connections, bring awareness to existing organizations, and identify gaps in community needs so that we have a strong, working safety net to protect our vulnerable neighbors and support necessary policies.

This meeting has a few purposes:
1.) For those who are interested in becoming more involved in community organizations to learn about and connect with some of these organizations.
2.) For those who are involved in community organizations to connect with those who are interested in getting involved.
3.) To have a collective discussion about resources and organizations, especially: Which organizations need/want support from community members? How can we best support these organizations?
4.) To further forge connections between members of the community, creating a stronger social network than we might experience digitally.

We are so excited to meet you.