Peaceful solidarity rally

Countless Muslims, Immigrants, LGBTQ individuals, People of all Ethnicities, Veterans, Individuals with Disabilities, and Women have had their very livelihoods threatened. We are coming together to show our support that you are not alone in our community and we value you as equals, as Americans. We see you, we hear you, we love you and we stand with you.

This event has grown quickly as we've experienced a ground swell of support from the local community and has taken on a life of its own! We understand that

Immigrant Support Gathering

A new coaliiton called "This isHome Coalition" has formed to support Fort Collins' immigrants

Your are invited to attend an open meeting to show support for immigrants in our community. We will discuss issues facing immigrant families and how we can help one another.

This is a meeting for all immigrants and their allies, regardless of immigration status or affiliations. Please come to get informed, show support for immigrant families, and get involved in solutions.


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