Sunrise @ Frontline Fracking Defense!

Rise Up and Defend the Earth!

We are rising up to defend our health and homes, our atmosphere held in public trust, and our children's futures from fracking. We are mobilizing to protect a community working to defend itself from fracking.

Time: Greet the dawn with us at 6am if possible, or join us anytime that day.

Energy Justice Roundtable

Energy Justice Roundtable-April 22nd


Don't miss this great roundtable discussion!

Speakers include Dimitris Stevis from the Political Science Department at CSU and David Ciplet from Environmental Studies at CU Boulder

Vermiculture 101 by John Anderson

Vermiculture 101 by John Anderson
What: Learn about the benefits of keeping worms and proper care and maintenance for worm bins.

When: Wednesday, April 20th from 5:30-7:30 pm

Where: The Growing Project at Hope Farms, 1601 N. Shields, above the barn

Details: $10. You MUST RSVP. Tickets can be purchased HERE or email for instructions on paying with cash or


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