Screening the documentary, Big Pharma, followed by panel and audience discussion

Watch the 35 minute documentary, Big Pharma. It will be followed with commentary and discussion with moderator, Beverly Wasserman, RN, public health nurse, and Bernie Birnbaum, MD, family practice physician and medical residency instructor. There will be time for interaction with the audience. Event sponsored by Larimer County Health Care Action, the local arm of Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care.

The MLK Poor People’s Campaign Today: Organizing for Economic Justice and Homeless Rights

Don't miss this Amazing Event! Tuesday, Nov. 7 Lory Student Center 312 - 5 p.m. How can we organize for economic justice and homeless rights? 50 years ago, Martin Luther King Junior and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference planned to create a "Radical redistribution of economic and political power". Reflecting on that, Scholars and rights activists Willie Baptist from the Kairos Center in New York, Paul Boden, from the Western Regional Advocacy Center in San Francisco, and Lynn Thompson, from the Fort Collins Homeless

Salon duc Tape – Reflections on a Tour of Palestine/Israel

Seeking a just and lasting peace Following their summer trip to Palestine and Israel, CSU professor Bill Timpson and pastor Jeff Wright will talk about their visits with NGOs working for a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians at the Salon on October 13th. They will explore the history of both separation barriers and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movements as related to the current conflict. The work of B'Tselem: the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories and the Arab

Bernie and Amy vs Graham and Cassidy

(D-MN) will debate SEN LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-SC) and SEN BILL CASSIDY (R-LA) on health care. It's perfect timing as we all are concerned about the latest health care bill!

The debate is scheduled for 7PM-8:30PM.

We can watch TOGETHER at AVO's. The room is available at 6PM. Come early to visit and share a meal (lots of tasty food on the menu). The debate begins at 7 where we will learn about the future of health care in our country.

Educate! Motivate! Activate!

 Larimer County Health Care Action, Colorado Foundation for Universal Health CareEVERYONE DESERVES QUALITY, AFFORDABLE HEALTH CAREWe’re fighting for health care for everyone because we are everyone.Join universal health care advocates as we educate, motivate, and activate our community. Come to join a team----share your talents and help make universal health care for everyone in Colorado a reality!

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event

Residents are invited to drop off non-leaking household chemicals. Commercial waste is not accepted.Items accepted:

  • household batteries
  • paint and pesticides
  • CFL bulbs
  • cleaning and automotive products
  • vitamins and supplements
  • personal care products, including hair products and lotions
  • mercury containing items such as thermostats, thermometers and button-shaped batteries. 

Disturbing the Peace

Who knew? Peace could be closer than you think. The progressive J-street chapter of Fort Collins supports peace and co-existence among Palestinians and Israelis: two states for two peoples. The April 30 event is a peace cafe setting with Middle East food, live stream peace rally from Israel, and a showing of Disturbing the Peace with time for discussion. Disturbing the Peace is a story of the human potential unleashed. The documentary follows enemy combatants- Israeli soldiers and Palestinian fighters- who have joined together to challenge the status quo.


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