Fuerza Latina Hotline and Preparedness Packet Training

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Date and Time: 

Sunday, January 8, 2017 - 2:00pm


La Familia, 309 Hickory Street #5

Learn how About the Fuerza Latina Hotline and Emergency Preparedness Packet for Immigrants!!

Several years ago, Fuerza Latina developed a Hotline for immigrants who needed to navigate the immigration detention center because they have had their loved ones picked up by ICE. We had several volunteers trained and those volunteers would take a shift on the hotline, usually working with one family at a time. We haven't had much of a need for it recently, but we are anticipating that with the increased anxiety about the Trump administration among immigrants and their allies, there is going to at least be a need to get more folks trained for the Hotline.

Additionally, Fuerza Latina designed an emergency preparedness packet several years ago. We've updated it after the Trump election. We will be training allies of immigrants on Sunday, January 8th at 2pm at La Familia, 309 Hickory Street #5

Information: info@fccan, 970.419.8944