A Timeline of the FCHC Campaign for Lockers in Fort Collins:

October 2014 – FCHC identifies 24/7 lockers as a need.

November/December 2014 – in first two months of lockers subcommittee, multiple conversations/meetings begin with service providers and with the City about 24/7 lockers. In December City Council work session, Councilmember Gino Campana says 24/7 lockers “will not move us toward our goal of making homelessness rare, short-lived, & non-recurring”

January/February 2015 – FCHC members continue to push for lockers at interagency meetings, holds meetings with Murphy Center, Social Sustainability Office

March 2015 – City funds 50 tiny lockers to be installed inside Murphy Center (not the need that had been identified)

April 2015 – FCHC members speak in City Council about 24/7 lockers. Meanwhile, Serve 6.8 takes over administration of the Murphy Center and promptly trashes a storage pod, destroying the possessions of more than 60 people.

May 2015 – FCHC writes op-ed in Coloradoan about Serve 6.8, 24/7 lockers

June-August 2015 – lockers committee talks to Bohemian Foundation about lockers, but does not get foundation support

September 2015 – FCHC begins to collect data on the need for lockers via survey

October/November 2015 – FCCAN intern conducts research into lockers in other cities

December 2015 – Serve 6.8 steps down from Murphy Center management

Jan-Dec 2016  – scattered attempts at reviving locker issue continue. Emails to City Council, people speaking in City Council, discussions during FCHC meetings. No significant traction.

March 2017 – proposed sit/lie ban would criminalize having “too much” stuff, FCHC suggests that 24/7 lockers would be a better solution, Councilmember Gino Campana directs staff to investigate 24/7 lockers

April 2017 – “stakeholders meeting” at the downtown library (city staff, service providers, downtown business groups, and FCHC members). Despite some resistance from downtown business organizations, City staff agree to move forward if a site and managing partner can be identified. FCMF steps up to be managing partner.

May-August 2017 – City staff and FCMF work out details (funding, site, etc.)

September 2017 – Leadership team green-lights service agreement, City and FCMF sign

November/December 2017 – Two community meetings, major push-back begins. FCHC organizes support.

February 6, 2018 – City Council votes against funding lockers (6-1). FCMF continues project.

April 2018 – FCMF nears fundraising goal for lockers, and accepts donation of several lockers. 24/7 lockers seem to be coming to Fort Collins!

May 2018 — City moves to block lockers, unfairly burdening Mennonite Church

June 2018 — ACLU writes to City, explaining that by placing an unfair burden on the FCMF’s exercise of religion, the City is violating federal and Constitutional law.

July 19, 2018 — the Planning & Zoning Board approves the Minor Amendment Application, without excessive restrictions. Board member Michael Hobbs says: “There have been a lot of concerns expressed by people that feel they are under siege in their neighborhood. Those people have a right to safety and security. We all do, and that includes the homeless. […] It’s a failure, in my view, for the city to just try to disperse this problem and not be solving them. But I don’t think these lockers are part of the problem. I think they’re part of the solution.”

August 2018 — Neighbors file an appeal of the PZB decision.

October 2, 2018 — City Council will hear the lockers appeal, and decide the fate of the project.