What causes homelessness?

Homelessness is caused by failed federal housing policies. When the federal government slashed the affordable housing budget by 77% in the early 1980s, it created a wave of mass homelessness that continues today. Millions of people in the US experience homelessness each year — not by choice, but because the system has failed us.

What solves homelessness?


How can I help?

Demand that our federal government restore the HUD affordable housing budget. Demand that local governments stop criminalizing homelessness. Become a part of this movement for justice. Give to panhandlers. Support community-based mutual aid.

Who can I contact if I feel my rights have been violated?

The ACLU of Colorado has an online intake form here, but they take relatively few cases. You can also talk to your public defender (if you have one) for legal help. Your elected officials are supposed to represent you, so you are always free to write to City Council at cityleaders@fcgov.org. These routes are often inadequate and very frustrating, so consider starting or joining a social movement for change (contact FCHC at: info@fccan.org).

Who can I call instead of the cops?

If you see someone who appears to be homeless, please call your elected representatives and demand that our federal government restore the HUD affordable housing budget, that our community invest in care (such as affordable housing, emergency shelter, food, water & public bathrooms, and health services), and that Fort Collins stop criminalizing homelessness. In Fort Collins, if you are thinking of calling the cops for some reason, and it’s between 9am-5pm M-W, or 9am-8pm Thu-Sat, you also have the option to contact Outreach Fort Collins.