Fort Collins Homeless Coalition

Since 2014, the Fort Collins Homeless Coalition (FCHC) has been standing up for dignity, rights, and housing. We work with and for people experiencing homelessness, on issues and injustices that are raised & affirmed by people who are homeless. Our power comes from organizing, mobilizing, and acting collectively — by working together, we fight to build a better world.

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Decriminalize Homelessness

Camping tickets are a human rights issue. FCHC stands against the criminalization of homelessness. We have led community movements to stop sit-lie bans, helped the ACLU defeat the panhandling ban, consistently opposed Fort Collins’ unjust camping laws, collected enforcement data & exposed mistreatment, and sponsored state-wide Right to Rest legislation. Read more about these issues here.

Water & Dignity

FCHC fights for bathrooms, water, and justice. Fort Collins does not currently have a single public restroom that is open overnight, and is falling short on drinking water and access to basic sanitation — issues that are even worse during this pandemic. Read more here.

Pandemic + Poverty

The collision of two public health emergencies — a global pandemic and mass homelessness — is creating a crisis in our community. FCHC is fighting for emergency measures that include homeless, marginalized & incarcerated people. Read more here.

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