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Read the Fort Collins Homeless Coalition’s statement regarding the City’s recent decision regarding lockers here.

Excerpt: “Last Tuesday, City Council approved the small lockers project at the Fort Collins Mennonite Fellowship (FCMF), but with new conditions that impose an absurdly heavy burden on the church. FCMF is committed and resourceful, so perhaps they will find some way to continue to meet this need in our community. But this decision reflects deeply-held prejudices on the part of our elected leaders that must be addressed.”


Tell City Council to fund extended hours at the Murphy Center!

The City of Fort Collins is currently discussing its 2019-2020 city budget. Among the proposals is one which has the potential to literally save lives, as well as improve access to necessary services. The proposal would support expansion of Murphy Center hours to include weekday evenings and Saturday mornings, from November through March.

The City Manager has recommended that this proposal not be funded. We need to stand up and say that this is a priority for our community.

Tell City Council to fund extended hours at the Murphy Center!

Write to City Council at:

Come to City Hall at 6pm, October 16th to ask City Council to fund extended hours (300 LaPorte Ave)

I know that many of us have ties to the Murphy Center. We have gone there for services, called with a question, dropped off donations, referred a friend or neighbor, volunteered, attended events, or just appreciated that we have a resource center like this in our community. So besides contacting City Council, please take the time to reach out to people you know who might also be inspired to speak out for funding extended hours. Here are just a few reasons that they might:

  • The Murphy Center was established in March 2009 as a one-stop resource center originally envisioned to serve between 30-40 guests a day and now serves more than 160 individuals per day with over 40,000 guest visits annually. Guests of the Murphy Center include those experiencing or in jeopardy of homelessness.
  • Currently, the Murphy Center is open M-F 8am-5pm. Some services, such as showers and laundry, are in such short supply that spots are assigned via a lottery system.
  • Expanding hours would increase access to vital services, including lockers, mail, laundry, showers, food, gear, computers, phones, and a warm, safe place to be indoors in winter.
  • This proposal would enable people who work or have other obligations from 8-5pm to access basic services at the Murphy Center.
  • Fort Collins needs a sustainable, reliable place for people to be safely indoors during evenings and weekends. This is true year-round, though winter weather is particularly threatening. Although this proposal would fund only Saturday mornings, and be limited to winter months (November-March), it is a step forward.
  • A person experiencing homelessness may find themselves walking miles, often in winter conditions, simply to try to find a place to be indoors or stay warm for a few hours. Extending Murphy Center hours would mean everyone would have a consistent place to go.

Your voice matters on this. Let’s make sure we are loud enough for City Council to hear!


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