Show up for Medicare For All at September 17 City Council meeting

September 17, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm
City Hall
300 Laporte Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80521
Rich Shannon

Show up to  Fort Collins City Council meeting, Tuesday September 17 at 6:00 at 300 LaPorte Ave in support of Medicare for all!

You do not need to talk.  As a courtesy to the city council , we will  have just three people who will speak during public comment. We need another people in the room to stand up when asked to show their support for Improved Medicare For All (IMFA).

Please share this request with your network of friends! 

There is a national movement to get local governments (cities, counties, school districts, etc.) engaged in the discussion about the need for Improved Medicare for All. In some cities that has been a resolution of support for IMFA. I have been visiting with Fort Collins City Council Members about the best way to elevate their voice on this very important issue at this time.  As you may know, city councils are frequently reluctant to spend time and energy on issues they think may be national rather than local issues.

Our immediate goal is to help them see that the ultimate solution may be national but the pain created today by our dysfunctional health care system is very local, impacting their constituents.  It is not just the cost and compexity. It is also the many ways our health care system robs people of the freedom to live the lives they want to live.  For example, no Fort Collins resident should have to say, “The only reason I am still in this job  is because of the health care benefits.” See attached for more examples.

On September 17th we will be asking the Fort Collins City Council to include language  regarding Improved Medicare for All in the revision to their Legislative Policy Agenda, which is usually adopted in late November. However, we have been encourage to get this request submitted immediately, as that document is already being revised.

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