Salon duc Tape – Citizens’ Climate Lobby on Addressing the Climate Challenge

April 12, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
FoCo Cafe
225 Maple Ave W E
Vienna, VA 22180


The implications of climate change are overwhelming but solvable

In April, Salon duc Tape will be considering two different approaches to addressing climate change at the national level: a “Revenue-Neutral Carbon Fee and Dividend” and a “Green New Deal.”  On Friday, April 12th, Judy Gates of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) will be speaking on the first of these approaches.

Judy writes, “Just as there is scientific consensus on the cause of climate change, there is economic consensus on the most effective way to address this crisis.  Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) advocates for such an effective, bi-partisan solution that is good for people and the economy and encourages international participation.  This presentation will cover a little of what we know about climate change and how we are feeling its effects before fully describing the solution proposed by CCL and empowering, non-partisan ways we can all contribute to an effective national response.”

Judy Gates, PhD,  is a CCL volunteer speaker.  She recently retired after over 30 years of technology development experience in multiple industries.  Judy was attracted to Citizens’ Climate Lobby because it shares her recognition that multiple viewpoints and respectful discourse are needed to discover optimum solutions to complex problems.

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