Headed For Extinction and What To Do About It

September 16, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Old Town Library Community Room 1
Viviane Montalvo

Calling all current and future Rebels!! We are looking for people who are interested and would like to get involved. We invite you to join us in this public meeting which will include wonders such as: an introduction to Extinction Rebellion,state of the science, XR strategy overview, a.k.a. “Heading for Extinction and What To Do About It”. If you would like to connect with others who share the sense of urgency and the grief that accompanies the climate emergency we find ourselves in,if you haven’t experienced “Heading for Extinction..” or you need some brushing up, and if you would like to find out how to get involved and become a part of our growing movement, then please join us!! We look forward to meeting you…
In fierce love and solidarity for the Earth,
Extinction Rebellion

Old Town Library Room 1

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