P.I.S.T. English

Prisoners of Immigration Support Team (P.I.S.T.)
We provide monthly visits to people imprisoned at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center in Aurora, Colorado. By doing so, we work to provide those imprisoned with outside contact and a reaffirmation of our collective humanity. We also provide a link between those imprisoned and their family and friends, some of whom cannot make visits themselves due to documentation status, work and family obligations, and other reasons. In addition, by maintaining an ongoing presence at the detention center and interaction with those detained, we attempt to monitor the detention center and document any evident human rights abuses.Ultimately, we work to build solidarity with people targeted by the border system. We are for keeping families together, freedom of movement for all, and against the many forms of repression that are synonymous with borders.

Visitation Schedule:

1st Saturday of the month: visit people with last names beginning with A-L
3rd Sunday of the month: visit people with last names beginning with M-Z

If you have a friend or family member who would like a visit, please contact us. Likewise, please contact us if you are interested in making a visit; we carpool to the detention center for our monthly visits and welcome anyone interested.

email: pist@riseup.net
telephone: 970.480.PIST (970.480.7478)